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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell directly to schools or booster clubs?

No.  Corps Design is a wholesale manufacturer.  Our dealers are trusted experts and partners.  Additionally, our dealers have all the paperwork necessary to become a vendor for your district at their fingertips.  They will also provide a very high level of customer service and can track your order for you from your initial inquiry right up until it arrives on your doorstep.

Does Corps Design do custom projects?

Sometimes.  Generally speaking, the best time for a custom project is November through February.  But – if you are looking for something that is a slight variation on something we already build, we can often do that.  For example, if you need an adjustable media frame that is 8′(w) x 12′ high, that is something we can usually work in.  If you need us to build a 20′ Eiffel Tower on your field, you’ll need to work that out with us in November for the following year.

How long will it take for me to get my order?

It depends.  Most carts we keep in stock.  Most field props are built in massive production orders.  For most orders received in winter through spring, we are able to ship within 2 weeks and often within 2 days.  Early in the marching season, shipments often go out within 2 weeks.  But, if you are placing your order in August or September, it is best to call and check on availability.

In general, order as early as you possibly can to guarantee that you have your items in time for the Fall marching season.

How much is shipping?

Most Corps Design items ship by Freight – that is, big ol’ 18-wheeler.

In order to get a freight quote, you will need to provide the following information to your Corps Design dealer.

  • The ‘Ship To’ zip code.
  • Type of facility: School, warehouse, business or residence.
  • Do you have a truck-high (about 4′) loading dock? If so, where is it?
  • Freight Receiving hours.

There are a few ways to reduce freight costs.

  • Best option: Come and pick it up from our warehouse.  Items will be fully assembled and we will help you load.  This is a great option for anyone within 300 miles of the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  We’ve had people fly in to DFW and rent a truck to pick up orders.
  • If you are a school customer, can we ship to a school warehouse facility, or perhaps a business facility of one of your Band Parent Volunteers? Schools are classified as “Limited Access Delivery,” which always adds additional cost, but a district warehouse is just a business.
  • Does your school have a loading dock? If not, we will need to send a truck with a lift gate.
  • Sometimes, Corps Design will deliver.  This is usually cheaper than freight and has the added benefit of having your carts and props mostly assembled.  This is entirely dependent on scheduling availability.

Do you have to pump up the casters? (and more info about casters!)

No, we do not normally offer pnuematic (air-filled) casters, but keep reading.  We commonly use the following types of casters:

Foam-filled Ever-Roll Casters – These are for instrument and mixer carts.

Solid Rubber Casters – These are for all props and speaker carts

Thermo Plastic Rubber Casters (TPR) – These are for carts that will be used mostly indoors or on hard surfaces.

Pneumatic casters have gotten a bad rap because they sometimes leak.  But, they provide the smoothest, most shock absorbent ride for your gear.  If you have access to a battery powered air pump, this style of caster is an excellent choice specifically for instrument carts, which are generally not as heavy as the big mixer carts.  We are happy to provide pneumatic casters at your request.

Does Corps Design print the vinyls for the props?

Corps Design builds the frames and hardware.  Many of our dealers can print your vinyls – Try Band Today, FLASH Visual Media or Field and Floor FX.

What kind of paint do you recommend for touch-ups?

At the shop, we use SEM 39143 Trim Black spray paint.  This is an automotive spray paint that has a lot more hardener and pigment than the cheap stuff at your local big box hardware store. Yes, it is expensive.  Be sure to clean the nozzle every time or the hardener will clog it and you’ll have wasted the remaining paint.

BUT – if you are simply cleaning up sideline screens and media frames that are going to be covered with vinyl anyway, use Rustoleum Professional.  It’s a little more expensive than the no-name cheap stuff on the bottom shelf, but it is very high quality for this application.

For larger projects like staging, you may want to consider looking up a local powder coating provider. These companies will have the tools and space required to do a great job – sometimes it really is worth it to pay someone to do it for you!

You can also ask us about custom paint jobs – check out this one.

What if my freight shipment arrives damaged?

First – INSPECT THE DELIVERY BEFORE THE DRIVER LEAVES!!!  It is usually really obvious.  Write on the driver’s copy of the delivery ticket that the product is damaged.  This is EXTREMELY important!  If you did not note on the delivery receipt that the product was damaged, you may limit your claim.  Most freight companies require that all damage claims be submitted within 48 hours.

Second – take pictures from all 4 sides of the complete pallet as well as close-ups of the damage.  You will need to email the pictures to us in the highest resolution that you have.

Call Corps Design (254) 498-9282.

Freight liability is frustrating and complicated, but we’ve dealt with it before.  We will work with you to repair or replace damaged product.

What is considered a “damaged” shipment?

Everything that we ship on a pallet must fit within the dimensions of the pallet.  For most items, we also protect the corners and edges, then shrink-wrap the entire pallet.

Since everything we make is made of steel, freight damage is usually pretty obvious.  Look for boxes that have large holes in the panels, missing or damaged plastic wrap, or obviously bent metal.  If it looks like it has been through a fire, it probably has (yes, this actually happened!).

Some things that are not considered damage include minor scratches, damaged wooden pallets or an occasional torn box.  BUT – check the contents immediately BEFORE the delivery driver leaves.