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Auxiliary Percussion Rack


This is the workhorse of your Front Ensemble.

Sometimes, Aux Percussion is where might put the 1st year percussionist who is enthusiastic, but doesn’t yet fully have his head in the game.  Next year, though, they are ready for more challenging parts with more instruments.  The Corps Design Aux Rack is easily configurable to fit your needs.  All parts are included for either single tier to double tier configuration.  Scale it back or scale it up as your needs require.

All steel construction.  Offset casters for maximum stability. Standard 1½” square to accept square percussion clamps.  Foam-Filled (no-flat) casters.

Accessorize as you need to with a keyboard attachment, trap table, or crash cymbal caddy.  For a really cool effect, check out our Bass Drum Percussion Rack Mounts.

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Storage Dimensions95” x 8”
Shipping Weight106 lbs.