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Enclosed Synth Cart


The Corps Design Enclosed Synth Cart has the most usable space in its class.  It features a 24″ x 60″ carpeted top deck with an open backsplash and 1½ square accessory rail.  Half of the cart is open for amps, the other half has fully welded shelves.  Additionally, you have front and rear access to your electronics.  The lid can be removed entirely to save some weight, but also can be attached at the half-way point if it looks like the skies may open up.  The cart is hard wired for AC power and has 6 covered “D” style port for you to add your own pass-throughs.  You’ll need to add your own connectors, but that guarantees that you will have the right connectors for your equipment.  This cart comes standard with 8″ Super Casters that provide excellent impact protection and never develop a flat spot.

Wanna get creative?  Turn your synth player into a rock star with a Second Keyboard Mount, or add a Laptop Table.

This cart is also available with a 12U shock mounted rack system.  If you need the rack space, ask your dealer for the FCSYNTH-X12.

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Shipping Weight (FCSYNTH-X)223 lbs.
Shipping Weight (FCSYNTH-X12)229 lbs.