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Foam Filled Replacement Casters


Our foam-filled replacement casters are readily available in 3 configurations and 3 sizes: Fixed, Swivel, and Swivel with brakes, 6″, 8″, or 10″ diameter.

These casters are ideal for instrument carts.  They will never need to be pumped up and the foam provides your first layer of impact protection.  This caster is standard issue for all Corps Design instrument carts.

You may also be interested in Swivel Locks, Solid Rubber Casters or Indoor Replacement Casters.

For more caster info, check out Let’s Talk About Casters


8” Fixed8CASTF-ER
8” Swivel8CASTS-ER
8” Swivel with Brake8CASTB-ER
10” Fixed10CASTF-ER
10” Swivel10CASTS-ER
10” Swivel with Brake10CASTB-ER
6” Fixed6CASTF-ER
6” Swivel6CASTS-ER
6” Swivel with Brake6CASTB-ER