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Marimba Frame


The Corps Design Marimba Frame is designed to move and protect your valuable Marimbas. It is width and height adjustable to accommodate 4.3 – 5.5 octave marimbas. The asymmetrical caster configuration makes this frame incredibly stable, especially on uneven surfaces. The casters on the bass end are offset to ensure that they do not interfere with the resonators. The removable auxiliary rail provides protection for the outer edge of the instrument and many accessory options. Accessories attach with any standard 1 ½” square percussion clamp.

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Bass Width32”
Treble Width18”
Instrument Length65” - 116”
Height to bottom of Instrument*27½” - 35”
Total Length78” - 107”
Shipping Weight160 lbs.

*Height is measured with 8″ casters installed