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Portable Upright Barrier


Adding one more layer of protection!

At Corps Design, we know how to build products that not only withstand the rigors of your touring schedule, but also to withstand all the youth and enthusiasm of your high school band.  Our protective barriers incorporate everything we know about moving a 14′ x 14′ prop flat, and scaling it to indoor use.

Our Portable Upright Barrier is for every teacher with hallway duty, teachers at school entrances and exits, administrative and support staff.  It is light enough to be moved by any teacher, yet stable enough to withstand the flow of kids ready to go home.  In public buildings, this is not a fixture, but a tool that can be utilized at contact points, then moved as schedules change.

This barrier is 4′(w) x 78″(h) x 24″(d) and can roll through most doors in public buildings.  The shield is made of rigid 1/4″ acrylic and provides a clear view from the floor to the ceiling.

Long term, these can nest together for storage or disassemble with only 4 bolts.  The clear acrylic can easily be replaced if it gets damaged.  In the same way, these barriers can be re-purposed as privacy shields or signage by replacing the acrylic with sheet PVC, vinyl or plywood.


Weight56 lbs