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Round Stage


Finally, a Round Stage that won’t kill your volunteers!

The Corps Design Round Stage is 12′ in diameter and 2′ high.  It is 4, 90° wedges that bolt together.  Each 90° wedge has 4 swivel casters, with brakes on all of the exterior casters for easy access.  The complete stage section is surprisingly easy to move – 2 people work best: one to push, one to aim.  For transportation, you’ll probably keep 2 sections together in a half-moon shape and stand them on the flat side in your truck or trailer – plan on 12′ x 2′ of floor space for transportation.  Take a look in the picture gallery for some creative staging configurations.

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Shipping Weight 1/4174 lbs.
Shipping Weight 1/2348 lbs
Shipping Weight Full696 lbs