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Speed Synth Cart


A Brief History of the Indestructibility Paradox as Applied to Marching Band

In the early days of the marching band equipment arms race, directors demanded stronger, tougher, more indestructible equipment.  They demanded durability that could withstand all of the youth and enthusiasm of a high school percussion section.

Thus was born the Synthesizer Behemoth Cart, with Monster Truck tires, some in excess of 200 pounds before putting anything on them.  Soon, pictures followed of students riding them downhill and of competitions to see how many guard girls could stand on one.  Some involved explosives.  Then, the Band Dads (the most devoted of all volunteers) were informed by the Director that said carts would be moved for every performance and competition.  And the Band Dads complied with great wailing, grunting, and gnashing of teeth, and the ensuing back pain was truly a calamity.

So……… What actually goes on a Synth Cart?  The heaviest instruments weigh about 40 pounds.  A typical keyboard amp is, at most, 40-60 pounds.  A laptop and all cabling is negligible.  If your synth cart professes to hold 8 students, well, they’ll certainly test that claim.

The Corps Design Speed Synth is a lighter weight but heavy duty cart that is not over-engineered for what you actually need.  It features a spacious 24″ x 60″ reinforced top deck that is covered with all-weather carpet. The 1½” square accessory rail is perfect for accessories such as our Adjustable Laptop Table, or our 2nd Keyboard Attachment.  The open backsplash helps prevent cable crimping.  The bottom deck is open on the front but has a stop on the back to make loading your gear easier.  And, the whole thing with casters installed weighs just under 115 pounds.  Your Band Dads will thank you.

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Shipping Weight115 lbs.